Tribulations of Not Mr. White Podcast Show Episode 7

In an unexpected turn of events, Not Mr. White welcomes his first female guest!! Model, actress, and one half of The Unlicensed Professionals, Samantha Fairley brings a heat the show has not yet seen. Much more than a pair of large breasts, this beauty with a brain and Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology talks politics, film and conceiving a child with Not Mr. White. BTW, they still don’t have a name and are waiting to meet him/her. At press time the name is Mili, a play off of the Spanish word for 1,000. We’ll see what happens.In keeping with the show ethos of treating everyone equal, both are sprayed down with cold baby oil until left with hard nips blasting though transparent, slippery tank tops. Also, some turd is kicked off the show for good.