Tribulations of Not Mr. White Podcast Show Episode 2

Self-deprecating, California based, stand-up comedian, filmmaker, and vegetarian, Casey Black introduces a colorful world of comedy. The first live episode of Tribulations of Not Mr White introduces the audience to two new segments:

-Hater of the Week. A tier 1 prize will be given to the commenter that delivers the most clever, soul-crushing criticism of the show in the chat.

-Tribulation of the Week. Not Mr White recounts the most harrowing hardship in the last week of his life.

After an insult flinging flurry between Monotone Matt, Krabdaddy and Danny from LA (whose new moniker is “Mexican Jeff the Drunk”) the audience is left to decide the winner in this bout of verbal fisticuffs. Not Mr White then interviews Monotone Matt and digs into his past as a chronic c*** cranker living in a christian community, and attempts to nail down the origin of the famous giggle. The episode concludes with mention of a questionable new charity called Black’s Kids and another shouting match for good measure.


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