The Ryan Lever Show is a long time awaited and much anticipated talk show hosted by none other than the YouTube legend himself, Ryan Bartholomew Lever...(that's his real name)..and co-hosted by his long time friend Krystal, with the addition of Ass Napkin Ed!

Together they make the Napkin K-Lever Vortex!

The show is a guaranteed hot mess of a train wreck with these two leading way as they take calls from trolls and cover whatever topics pop up.

This is a show with little to no prep, fly by the seat of Ryan's Pants, while Krystal does her best to keep the flow going. It's unpredictable. It's chaos. It's not at all professional. But, it's entertaining and at times funny!

It's like watching real people who aren't afraid to show raw emotions and speak without PC filters on issues in the world today... as well as their own issues!