The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 5

Tonight on The Ryan Lever Show w/K, Ryan looks like he's baked out of his mind but swears he's not and K is topless! First topic of discussion is the huge UFO looking thing seen in the phoenix sky back in December. Ryan and K review video of the object and invite the aliens on the ship to call in. An alien calls in....but he was an illegal alien so the mystery remains unsolved. Pittsburgh Pete surprises Ryan and K with a call to say hello and rip Jeff, the producer, a new asshole. AWKWARD. Ryan and K go on to talk about date rape and other such nonsense. A former client of K's calls in to talk about K's Skills. Yeah, skills. Thank you all for tuning in, don't miss next week when we say bye to K for the following 2 weeks! As always, thank you for the donations! See ya next week!!