The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 3

On tonight's show Ryan and K debut their new intro and tell everyone they are celebrating 3 years of friendship tonight! To celebrate, they agreed to live the other's life for the day. Which, explains K's weird behavior...she lived like Lever and got stoned while Lever admits he gave a few hand jobs!

The two take a trip down memory lane and watch a parody K did of one of Lever's stunt videos. Highlight of the show goes to Wendy the Retard calls in from some other universe and planet Mars at the same time and tells us she's still in love with Gary the Conqueror nee Retard, she has boyfriend, and she regails us with the story of eating tomatoes after putting them in her butt! K can feel her ear hair growing. Next week K will be interviewing Ryan Lever Barbara Walters style and we'll get to know how he became the Ryan Lever we love today! Special thanks to those who donated tonight, see ya next week!