The Ryan Lever Podcast Show Episode 2

On tonight's show Lever is joined by co-host K and Ryan talks about why Alex Jones...aka Bill out to get him then Ry gets a call from his buddy Jay. Gonzo calls in and welcomes Ryan Lever to the network & someone calls in to hack up a lung until K 'accidentally' hangs up on him. K starts asking Ryan about nanoparticles and smart dust after a caller warned Ryan that Alex Jones was coming for him again. Monotone Matt calls in to spew abusive words at K, ALEX JONES HIMSELF calls in to bitch about the technical difficulties on Ranting with the Brain and threatens to send more smart dust to Lever?

Marc Zweben calls in and we discover that Ryan Lever ate his class pet goldfish in the 9th grade! We get a couple nice calls from people who claim to be fans of the show and special thanks to the people who donated during the show! Towards the end of the show we get a call from an oddly familiar voice, only deeper than we're used to, who claims to be an Officer John who is go!
ing to be escorting K to jail and might meet her in the shower! WOOT WOOT! Oh and thank you to Casper and anonymous for donating and wishing a Happy Birthday to K! See ya next week!