On Gonzo Podcast Today:

On Gonzo Podcast Today

Sunday's Schedule
Balls from Ellwood Sunday 7:00 PM EST
Tribulations of Not Mr. White Sunday 8:15 PM EST
Monday's Schedule
The Rob Saul Show Monday 7:00 PM EST
Griggy's #1 Bad Dude Show Monday 9:15 PM EST
Bar-jutsu Monday 10:30 PM EST
Tuesday's Schedule
SaiyanZ Entertainment Tuesday 8:30 PM EST
Ground Zero w/ Neil & Lee Tuesday 9:45 PM EST
Nailsin Theater Tuesday 9:15 PM EST
Wednesday's Schedule
Wildcard Wednesday Wednesday 10:30 PM EST
You Don't Know Dick Wednesday 11:45 PM EST
Thursday's Schedule
The Jonah Falcon Show Thursday 9:15 PM EST
The Mary Carey Show Thursday 10:30 PM EST
Friday's Schedule
The Rob Saul Show Friday 11:00 AM EST
The High Pitch Erik Show Friday 9:00 PM EST
My Friend The Serial Killer Friday 10:30 PM EST
House Of Speech Friday 11:45 PM EST
Saturday's Schedule
RDA Live Saturday 7:00 PM EST
Unbleached Saturday 8:30 PM EST