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Our network brings in over 100,000 views a month with over twenty weekly live broadcasts in over 100 countries with 20 live broadcasts a week.

  • 80% listen to all or most of each podcast episode while listening to an average of 7 shows per week.
  • Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media platform vs 94% of the entire population.
  • 44% of US population has listened to a podcast.

  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. 
  • 49% of podcast listening is done at home. while 22% of listening is in the car.
  • 69% agreed that podcast advertisements made them aware of new products or services. 


Engage your audience with original native shows. 

Why sponsor your brand or service with us? Not only do we have an active, growing base of viewers and listeners, but we have a range of engaging hosts who have the ability to provide a dynamic range of ad-rolls to best give your brand the recognition it deserves. In addition to the industry standard ad spots, Gonzo Podcasts has the ability to provide you with some of the most unique ad spot options in the industry.


June 2018 statistics attributed by Podcast Insights.

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Sponsorship inquiry

Event opportunities

Brands and consumers

We are familiar with host-read ads. We have a range of engaging hosts who have the ability to provide a dynamic range of ad-rolls to best give your brand the recognition it deserves

Monetize instantly

Sales and narrations

Effective and targeted advertisements. Native promoting brings a measure to your established brand


Technical communication

Solutions and access to live podcasts and influence worldwide on various popular platforms


Integration and synergy

We incorporate search engine optimization to push our native talent. Providing over 100,000 views a week on our broadcasts on popular social networks and in our app. Our network publishes over 20 live shows weekly

Targeted access


Our talent provides relevance and uniqueness. From indie broadcasters to entertainment veterans our talent provides endless categories with extremely complex communities and individual networks

Our app provides a unique space as content is provided and products are discussed. We use our affiliations to produce revenue for our talent and their brand production. 

Our hosts put their listeners first. Our partnerships offer a new opportunity for indie networks and established brands for stronger synergy in broadcasting.   

Let us push visual and audio narrative for your brand or product at an affordable rate. Our campaigns are unique to quality story telling. Our organization focuses on reach and metrics. 

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