The Monotone Matt Podcast Show Episode 2

Two Trailer Park Girls Go ‘round the Outside

The Monotone Matt Show is anything but predictable! In the second installment of the podcast, just minutes into the show, an electrical fire broke out engulfing GSPN Headquarters in flames. (Do we have your attention now?!?!) Not to worry - Uncle Jeff not only contained the flames but miraculously kept the show rolling through it all. Monotone showcased his musical prowess by belting out Acapella Karaoke while taking calls from both fans and trolls alike. Two voluptuous, Iron Man Masked wearing beauties from a local Gentlemen’s Club stopped by Matt’s Trailer to dance through the night. All of this mayhem was too much for William Hung to handle. It turns out Hung won't hang... The Hong Kong native of American Idol fame, had his lawyer contact GSPN to break off negotiations
about possibly doing a future show on the Network, long before the podcast even concluded.

Thank you to everyone that called, donated or tuned in.


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