The Medicated Pete Podcast Show Episode 1

The medicated Pete show starts off with a bang. Bobo from California joins Pete as his co-host and the guys take us on a rollercoaster of laughs and deep insight... Pete has tips on how to overcome being socially awkward, and defines normality for us all. A caller from Santa Monica calls in with a live update on fires. Things keep heating up when the owner of the bar that Pete is broadcasting from "The Dublin House" puts hand on Petes c***, and then after Pete asks for it does quick prostate exam on air.

It is prelude to Pete doing prostate karaoke on the Stern Show Christmas Special next week! We get a great call from legendary callers such as "Balls from Ellwood" and international sex symbol Tami Tucci. Jeff the Drunk being catfishes is analyzed and then provoking debate on drugs being legalized. Even thought the GSPN HR department may not like it, the guys seem to advocate GETTING MEDICATED. See you next week, and lets all get medicated...


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